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fader knob problem?

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:38 pm
by Dewdman42
I don't know if this is a problem with 10.4.2, but whenever I used any lpxcolor tweak, even just a small change like change only one thing, the color of pianoroll background, but pretty much anything else... when I apply this to LPX, the mixer fader knobs are getting replaced by something that is not the nice 3d control that comes with Logic. Why is this? I want to use LPXColorizer just to make a few small tweaks, but otherwise use everything else standard, especially stuff like that fader knobs, which look pretty nice from Apple and whatever LPXColorizer is doing to them is wrong.

Re: fader knob problem?

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:34 pm
by Dewdman42
so I think I figured out an answer to my own question, halfway anyway, not a good solution that i can think of yet.

It looks to me like LPXColorizer is provided some of the tif images that are needed, such as mixer_fader*.* which is a collection of tif images with the mixer fader knob. the version from LPXColorizer says its 10.3, I don't know if that is what 10.3 looked like, but its definitely not what 10.4 looks like.

It would seem that when we "colorize" LPX by hitting the colorize button, not only is the plist updated with color theme changes, but in many cases, the LPXColorizer skin is also injected into LPX in terms of some of these TIF images that LPXColorizer seems to think it needs to inject there.

I would like to request that first of all, maybe the TIF images need to be upgraded to 10.4. Second of all it should absolutely be possible for us to alter the colors in the plist without having to overwrite Apple's tif images with those provided by LPXColorizer, such as the mixer fader. There are probably m any others. Maybe there is a way to optionally select this behavior or something?

I am thinking about copying the Apple TIF's into the LPXColorizer's app contents so that at least the mixer fader will be protected from this, but I do not as of now know all of the ramifications of that. Would be great to hear from the author about this situation.

Any other suggested work arounds?

For now I have been having to load a theme, save the plist to the side, then restore the default theme and then move the plist into place. Then I get Apple's TIF's and the color theme I want...though..a few things apparently are not controlled by the plist, such as the toolbar background for example...which in the above procedure reverts back to factory color.

Re: fader knob problem?

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:55 pm
by Dewdman42
So here's a workaround I have until its, but kind of a PITA.
  1. Use LPXColorizer to colorize a theme. Apply it to LPX
  2. Make additional tweaks to MAResourcesMapping.plist that are not currently supported by LPXColorixzer, such as the color palette basehue colors, etc.
  3. Go make a backup of MAResourcesMapping.plist
  4. Use LPXColorizer to apply the Default Apple skin and theme back to LPX again.
  5. go restore the backup of MAResourcesMapping.plist in place to restore the theme while keeping Apple's various TIF's
  6. Use LPXColorizer to import a skin, point it to the LPX MAResources.framework Resources folder as the source of the skin.
After that I should be able to bring this back into LPX as a skin rather then a theme and the Apple supplied images will be retained along with the theme color changes I make.

The only bummer is that some things still don't quite work, such as the background behind the toolbar, that is apparently not defined in the plist, so using the above approach always brings it back to the factory color.

It would be really good if we could somehow choose some elements to preserve from the factory, such as the mixer fader knobs, for example..and which ones to allow Colorizer to color, such as the toolbar background. The new Dark Mojave theme for example, I cannot use with this approach, because it really needs the toolbar and some other elements to remain dark as intended, but using this approach, the screen its mostly dark but a few factory grey's still come into it, including the toolbar but some other things too. so it would be nice to be able to control this a little better so that I can create a "skin" which has the nicer mixer knobs from apple, but still keeps the darker background elements...etc..

Re: fader knob problem?

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:22 pm
by cradmin
Hi Steve,

There seems to be a glitch here, Im gonna look into this.
The behavior we want is that Logic's original images are the same in a theme if left untouched.

will be in touch. (however for these kind of bug reports you are better of mailing me at
I will try to be more responsive on the forum in the future.

thanks for reporting this.

Re: fader knob problem?

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:39 pm
by Dewdman42
Thanks, in addition to the fader knobs I also notice there is something related to the color of the toolbar background. When I use LPX Colorize and load one of the themes such as Dark Mojave, it is able to change the color of that toolbar background. However because of the Fader knob bug, I am trying to save the main plist file to the side, revert back to the factory colors, then just copy that plist back into place so that I can have all the factory images, but with custom colors..however when I do that, the toolbar background also reverts to the factory color and does not keep the customized color. So this must be saved in a different plist? I do not know. Its the only way I can use colorizer themes without losing the factory fader knobs. Plus I like to use my own custom color palette as mentioned in another thread.

Please advise if there is a work around in order to use the customized colors without losing the fader knobs..the work around I mentioned works, but unfortunately also changes the toolbar background color back to factory also, so it doesn't work completely..and who knows what else is reverting back to factory that way.

Re: fader knob problem?

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:59 pm
by cradmin
Ok this little bug came up with the past LPXColorizer update,
I have fixed it and will push an update in the coming days.

thank you for reporting this